Black Cobwebs

by Ryan Gibson



Take a step back and then you'll see
Yourself through cold, clinical eyes
And that your problem's not unique
And that you're just one of the guys.
That's what they tell me anyway
And sure, I like girls and t-bone steaks
But I can't function in this world
I cannot provide for my girl
She wants me to get another job
In addition to the one I've already got
Maybe stocking shelves in a grocery store
Maybe bagging canned goods, mopping floors
My queasy smile disagrees
'Cause I can only do so tacitly
I was only a hero in your dreams
So close your eyes, go back to sleep
The winter forest looks ugly
Like a tangled mess of black cobwebs
But you still look so pretty
And you're the only thing that I've got left


released January 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Ryan Gibson Frederick, Maryland

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