Run Into The Fog

by Ryan Gibson



Cycle it through til it's brain dead
Til there's nothing left but happiness
It went circling the drain tonight
With the bully in its brain tonight
So nourish it with some food for thought
It'll only later shit right out
The words somehow don't speak to me
Their wisdom is mere vocabulary.

Artificial light
Beams through me
Wake me gently please

Here's a sheer, flesh-colored bandage
For a gaping wound called loneliness
In dire need of suture
To secure your pipe dream future.
What did you think would happen?
She would run into your open arms?
That she'd breathe new life into your songs?
You should think before you run into the fog.

Resplendent light
Tears through me
Wake me gently please


released June 8, 2013



all rights reserved


Ryan Gibson Frederick, Maryland

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